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Glossary overview

Hotel Communication

also: Guest Communication

Armin Gögele, last updated on October 18, 2023 


Enhancing Guest Experience and Building Long-Term Relationships

Hotel communication plays a pivotal role in enhancing the guest experience and cultivating lasting bonds. This process encompasses how hotels engage with their guests, provide information, and fulfill individual needs. Common measures in guest communication include newsletters, personalized emails, and the utilization of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


Moreover, guest or hotel communication serves as an effective tool for reactivating guests, increasing the number of repeat visitors, and fostering the acquisition of loyal clientele. This not only positively impacts guest returns but also elevates the volume of direct bookings.


Hotel Communication - Personalized Guest Interaction with Minimal Manual Effort

Personalized hotel communication ensures that guests receive the right information at the right time. However, executing this in practice often demands substantial additional effort and is challenging to accomplish manually.


Personalization of guest communication without added manual workload for hoteliers and staff can be achieved through the automation of hotel communication, often referred to as marketing automation. Marketing automation software, such as ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION, facilitates this in practice.


This innovative solution seamlessly integrates with the Hotel Property Management System (PMS). This connection allows for the retrieval of all pertinent guest data and booking information. These details are employed to craft tailored communication that aligns with individual guest preferences and needs.


From personalized welcome messages to custom-tailored offers and automated email marketing campaigns, marketing automation software revolutionizes the interaction between hotels and their guests, significantly impacting guest engagement, return rates, and the augmentation of direct bookings.


Key Questions About Hotel Communication

What is hotel communication?

Hotel communication pertains to the process through which hotels engage with guests, provide information, and address their individual needs.

How does marketing automation software aid hotel communication?

Marketing automation software like ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION enables the personalization and automation of messages and offers to guests through the integration of hotel PMS data.

Why is personalized hotel communication essential?

Personalized hotel communication fosters a superior guest experience, enhances guest loyalty, boosts direct bookings, and has the potential to increase revenue by aligning with individual guest preferences and needs.

What are the advantages of integrating hotel PMS data into communication?

Integration empowers hotels to efficiently utilize booking information and guest data, delivering tailored communication while enhancing communication effectiveness.

How can I optimize hotel communication in my establishment?

Optimization of hotel communication is achieved through the implementation of marketing automation software based on hotel PMS data, enabling personalized guest interaction, including automated email series.