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Glossary overview

Featured Snippets / Rich Snippets

Armin Gögele, last updated on July 3, 2023

Definition snippet

A "snippet" refers to the preview of a webpage's content in search engine results, f.ex. on Google. Snippets are generated automatically, depending on the search query, and are part of the search results list (SERP). Snippets consist of the stored metadata, including the title, description, and URL of a webpage. All three elements are limited to a defined number of characters and can be shortened by Google. Depending on the layout used by search engines, a distinction is made between simple snippets and rich or featured snippets. Rich snippets include additional elements such as images, videos, prices, or ratings, in addition to the three basic components. Featured snippets are displayed in their own box above the organic SERPs and usually provide specific answers to a search query.


How do search engines determine which websites get featured snippets?

Search engines determine featured snippets based on content relevance, quality, and how well it addresses user queries. Optimizing your content with concise, well-structured answers can increase your chances of being featured.

 The most important questions about snippets 

What are rich snippets and how do they impact SEO?

Rich snippets are enhanced search results on search engines like Google or Bing, that include additional information such as images, ratings, or prices. They can have a positive impact on SEO by increasing visibility of a website and attracting more clicks.

How can I make my website eligible for featured snippets?

To increase your chances of appearing in featured snippets for example on Google, create high-quality, informative content that directly answers commonly asked questions related to your hotel or industry.

How do featured snippets affect organic search rankings of hotels?

Featured snippets can positively impact organic search rankings by increasing visibility, generating more clicks, and establishing a website as a reliable source of information, for example about holidays in a specific destination.

Can hotels use rich snippets to showcase customer reviews and ratings?

Yes, including structured data markup for reviews and ratings allows search engines to display guest reviews, ratings, and testimonials in rich snippets, which can boost credibility and attract more bookings.

What are some effective strategies for optimizing hotel images in search engine snippets on Google?

To optimize hotel images for snippets, use descriptive file names, add alt text with relevant keywords to your images, and ensure proper image sizes and formats. Also, hotels should focus on visually appealing and high-quality images that showcase the hotel's unique features.