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Using vouchers for success: The 8 most important points for hotels

Voucher Marketing 4 Minutes
The results of a survey on the most popular Christmas gifts confirm that over 40% of respondents in Germany give vouchers as presents. This makes vouchers a popular gift idea for the Christmas season. However, vouchers are not only significant during the festive season but throughout the entire year.

To fully harness the potential of vouchers year-round, this expert article highlights 8 key points for utilizing vouchers in hotel marketing.

User-Friendly Voucher Shop on the Hotel Website:

1. Easy Operation

A user-friendly voucher shop on your hotel website is crucial for selling vouchers online. The ordering process should be simple and straightforward. Low loading times, an easy interface, and diverse design options ensure a fast and smooth voucher purchase. This allows interested parties to create vouchers independently at any time, without relying on the opening hours or availability of staff at the reception.

2. Personalization & Design Options

Users should have the ability to independently customize the design and personalize the content. Ensure that your shop offers an appealing image selection and various voucher templates for occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, anniversaries, and special events. The option to add personalized messages enhances attractiveness.

3. Various Payment Methods

Simple and secure payment options are fundamental for online voucher sales. The presence of additional payment methods, such as PayPal, Klarna, Mastercard, Visa, as well as payment via bank transfer, is a must for successful online voucher sales.

Effortless Voucher Management in Hotel Operations:

4. Clear and Automated Voucher Sales

Hotels need a clear voucher system: this not only facilitates management, but also tracking sales and redemptions. Automated voucher delivery and payment processing significantly simplify work at the reception and ensure clarity in voucher management.

5. Integration with Hotel Software

An interface with your hotel software further reduces work and time spent, minimizing data entry errors, as information is automatically transferred to the hotel PMS. Vouchers redeemed or paid for in the voucher system should be transferred directly to your hotel software via real-time synchronization, and vice versa.

Integration of Vouchers into Your Hotel Marketing Strategy:

Vouchers should not be limited to specific occasions but should be part of your marketing strategy throughout the year. For hotels, it is worthwhile to thoughtfully integrate vouchers into marketing or digital hotel marketing:

6. Acquiring Guests with Voucher Marketing

Hotel vouchers are perfect as incentive measures in hotel marketing. Vouchers are an effective motivator to draw attention to your offer and convince potential guests. Through social media ads, pop-up windows on the website, or dedicated landing pages, visitors can be encouraged to create vouchers for your hotel, reaching regularly new potential guests for your hotel.

7. Building Guest Relationships and Strengthening Loyalty

Incentive vouchers can not only guide potential new guests through additional communication measures, such as email marketing, but also your existing guests. Even if an incentive voucher is not redeemed, it allows you to maintain contact and regularly provide (potential) guests with relevant information, special offers, and personalized content. This can generate future bookings and build a long-term relationship.

8. Referral Campaigns for Repeat Guests

Repeat guests can contribute to customer acquisition and reaching a new guest segment through referral campaigns with vouchers. By offering voucher promotions for referrals, your repeat guests act as valuable ambassadors, promoting you and your hotel business.
Integration of voucher shops and marketing software, e.g., through ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION, enables easy and automatic handling of referral campaigns via vouchers.

The Right Software Solutions for Successful Voucher Marketing:

ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS: The Ideal Voucher Shop for Hotels

With ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS, users independently create their personalized vouchers on your hotel website, print them out, and conveniently pay using common payment methods. This user-friendly voucher system allows hotels to generate revenue effortlessly and provides a clear overview of created vouchers and sales.
ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS can be quickly and easily integrated into the hotel website as a voucher software for hotels using a website widget, offering interfaces to various hotel PMS systems, effortlessly integrating into the daily hotel routine.

Hotel Marketing with ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION: The Comprehensive Marketing Solution

The online marketing system by ADDITIVE is based on the software solution of ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION, automatically incorporating vouchers into hotel marketing and providing a comprehensive and industry-specific solution for the hotel industry. Marketing communication is based on a learning algorithm that engages guests and prospects with content and vouchers at the right time, resulting in sustainable success in the form of inquiries, bookings, and revenue while simultaneously relieving staff.
Do you want to learn more about ADDITIVE's marketing system as a holistic solution for your digital hotel marketing? Schedule a suitable appointment for an informal consultation with an ADDITIVE staff member:

Conclusion: Voucher Marketing as a Year-Round Strategy

While the Christmas season may be the peak season for vouchers, a good hotel marketing strategy considers vouchers as an effective and profitable measure throughout the entire year.
From simple creation and efficient management to integration into the marketing strategy – voucher marketing should definitely be integrated into hotel marketing as a year-round initiative. A well-thought-out implementation will not only increase revenues during the festive season but also ensure long-term success for your hotel business.