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Glossary overview

Hotel online reputation management

Armin Gögele, last updated on June 13, 2023

What is Reputation Management?

In the hotel industry, a positive image is key to attracting new guests. More and more potential guests are using the internet to research their destination, find hotels and book online. Reputation management therefore encompasses all measures that can be taken to control and improve a hotel's image. In concrete terms, this means analyzing and responding to reviews and comments. The goal is to build a positive online reputation.


Why reputation management is important for hotels

Negative reviews can deter potential guests and have a negative impact on a hotel's success. Positive reviews, on the other hand, can help more guests become aware of the hotel and ultimately make a booking. Hotels should therefore actively respond to feedback from their guests. Effective reputation management can ultimately help minimize negative reviews by focusing on customer satisfaction.

Key questions on hotel online reputation management

What platforms should hotels monitor to manage their online reputation?

Hotels should monitor review platforms such as TripAdvisor,, Google Reviews and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram to manage their online reputation.

How can a hotel manage negative reviews effectively?

To deal with negative reviews effectively, hotels should take the complaint seriously, respond in a personal and professional manner, offer a solution where appropriate and address the issue transparently to rebuild guest trust.

What measures can hotels take to improve their online reputation?

Hotels can improve their online reputation by responding to reviews, taking guest feedback seriously, providing quality service, and emphasizing positive guest impressions through targeted marketing.

What role do online reviews play in today's hotel industry?

Online reviews are of great importance as they influence the trust of potential guests and significantly contribute to how a hotel is perceived.