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ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER in focus: An interview with Matthias Ebner

Interview 6 Minutes
Alone in the last 12 months, we have sent an impressive 144 million emails using our newsletter system.
- Matthias Ebner

Matthias Ebner, one of ADDITIVE's founders and executive at the company, has over two decades of experience in the marketing industry. His expertise extends to the management of software projects, with a particular focus on the tourism and hospitality sectors. As an expert in these fields, he has extensive knowledge of app development and its applications within the hotel industry.

While newsletter marketing and hotel email marketing are often considered outdated in today's marketing landscape, Matthias Ebner recognizes their continued value in guest communication and engagement. Newsletter marketing remains a highly effective tool for delivering targeted information, updates and offers directly to the audience. Hotel newsletters, in particular, enable personalized communication and foster a closer relationship between hotels and their guests. Matthias Ebner sees great potential for the hotel industry in this seemingly "old school" approach.

In the interview with Mr. Ebner it becomes clear why every hotel should include newsletter marketing in its marketing strategy and how the ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER system supports hoteliers and marketing professionals in successfully implementing newsletter marketing

Mr. Ebner, why should every hotel include newsletter marketing in its marketing strategy?

Newsletter marketing is an indispensable tool and an extremely effective method to communicate directly with potential and existing guests. Newsletters allow hotels to communicate relevant information about offers, events and news on a regular basis, leading to stronger customer loyalty. Newsletter marketing allows hotels to tailor their communications to the interests and needs of their guests, offering personalized offers. In addition, newsletter marketing is a cost-effective and time-efficient means of communication.

Why should hotels choose an industry-specific solution?

Industry-specific email marketing solutions are tailored to the needs and requirements of the hotel industry. They offer features and tools designed specifically for hotels to optimize their marketing efforts. These solutions often integrate with property management systems (PMS) to automatically include relevant guest data in newsletters. In addition, these solutions provide pre-designed templates, components, and designs that support the hotel's brand identity and ensure a professional look and feel. In addition, industry-specific solutions provide detailed analytics and reporting to measure and optimize the success of newsletter campaigns.

How does ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER differ from other newsletter applications?

ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER enables direct data exchange with the hotel's property management system (PMS), which offers numerous advantages for hotels. Through integration, guest and booking data flows seamlessly into ADDITIVE+ CRM (Customer Relationship Management), enabling automatic segmentation of newsletter recipients based on demographics or interests. This allows for targeted and personalized newsletter campaigns that engage guests on a personal level and increase booking opportunities.

Our drag-and-drop newsletter editor, optimized for the hotel industry, simplifies the creation of newsletters. Integration with the hotel's central multimedia and content database allows for easy and time-saving inclusion of images, videos and content in newsletters.

Another advantage is the performance tracking of newsletter campaigns with ADDITIVE+ MARKETING INSIGHTS. Hoteliers can analyze the performance of their newsletters in detail and trace them back to actual bookings. This provides valuable insight into the effectiveness of their marketing strategy, allowing for optimization to increase return on investment and overall success.

ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER has a CRM system connected to the hotel's PMS. Why and what are the benefits?

Even in today's hotel industry with multiple software systems and databases, the PMS remains a central repository for guest data. The PMS is constantly receiving new guest data, updates to existing data, consent for marketing activities, opt-outs, and other information critical to guest and contact communications. Therefore, it is essential that the newsletter system is connected to the PMS for timely data exchange.

New contact information with consent, recent opt-outs, and guest reservation status can be immediately incorporated into newsletter campaigns. Up-to-date and detailed data is especially valuable for recipient segmentation.

Conversely, information received in the newsletter system is immediately transferred to the PMS for processing.

What is the role of segmentation in newsletter distribution?

Segmentation is key to ensuring that the newsletter is relevant to the recipients. Hotels have different audiences and guest segments with different interests and needs. Through targeted segmentation, hotels can ensure that their newsletters contain relevant content tailored to the specific interests and preferences of the recipients. This increases the likelihood that recipients will open, read and respond to the offers in the newsletter. Segmentation can be based on a variety of criteria, including booking history, age, preferences, or guest location.

Overall, segmentation and tailored content significantly increase the effectiveness of newsletter campaigns, resulting in better outcomes, including more inquiries and bookings

Regarding privacy - how do hoteliers maintain a clean database and how does ADDITIVE's software help?

Privacy is critical when managing customer data in a hotel database. Hoteliers need to ensure that data is current, accurate and collected with guest consent. Newsletter marketing software can help by providing features for automated management of opt-ins and opt-outs, contact information updates, and privacy compliance.

By implementing double opt-in procedures and allowing subscribers to manage their preferences, hoteliers can ensure that their database is clean and that newsletters are sent in compliance with regulatory requirements.

How many ADDITIVE partners are currently using the software solution?

Our ADDITIVE applications are already being used by over 500 ADDITIVE partners. Of these, 280 partners prefer to use our ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER tool. In the last 12 months (July 2022 - July 2023) alone, we have sent an impressive 144 million emails using our newsletter system. These impressive numbers underscore the quality and value of our products designed specifically for the hotel industry.

What new features are particularly useful for hoteliers?

Our newsletter system allows us to continuously enrich guest profiles with interests and preferences through targeted surveys at every touchpoint with the recipient. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of our customers' needs and preferences, and deliver a personalized experience with each newsletter.

In addition, new AI capabilities and support for creating newsletter campaigns are especially helpful for hoteliers. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, creating a newsletter campaign on our platform is easier and more straightforward than ever before

What features are on the horizon or on the roadmap?

At ADDITIVE, we remain at the forefront of innovation and are committed to continually improving our platform. We recognize that generative artificial intelligence is a powerful tool to revolutionize campaign creation. As a result, we are intensifying the integration of this technology into our newsletter system.

The future of email campaigns lies in personalized communication and tailored content for different audiences. One feature we are currently working on is the automated creation of newsletter campaigns with differentiated content tailored to the needs and interests of different segments.

Through ongoing enhancements and development of ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER, we expect to continuously optimize results - not only in terms of engagement rates, but also in increasing conversions such as inquiries and bookings.

In addition, usability is a top priority for us. We want to ensure that hoteliers and marketing professionals enjoy working with our tool, making hotel newsletters an integral part of any modern hotel marketing strategy.

ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER - The newsletter system for the hotel industry

ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER was developed specifically for the hotel industry. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how our innovative software solution can help you implement profitable newsletter marketing for your hotel: