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Glossary overview

Web Agency Hotel Industry

Armin Gögele, last updated 10.05.2023

Activities of an advertising agency in the hotel industry 

In the hotel industry, the following advertising activities can be used to increase sales and can be handled by a professional advertising agency: 

  • Email marketing, for example as a customer retention tool or for coupon marketing

  • Social media marketing, both organic posts and paid advertising, e.g. for lead generation 

  • Search engine optimization (SEO, see also SEO support)

  • Search engine advertising (SEA) placement

  • Influencer marketing, e.g. on Social Media

Benefits and goals of digital hotel marketing

Professional marketing will primarily increase revenue by generating more direct bookings through the hotel website or search engines such as Google. In addition, the value of the guest increases over time, so that the revenue generated by a single guest is increased by various add-ons and, in the best case, he or she becomes a regular guest. 

A particular advantage of using an advertising agency is that it reduces dependence on OTAs. Marketing also serves to raise the hotel's profile and attract new audiences through brand awareness campaigns.

Frequently asked questions about Web Agency Hotel Industry:

  • How can an web agency help me market my hotel?

  • Advertising, such as paid advertising on social media platforms or search engines, is used to increase a hotel's brand awareness and maximize profits. An advertising agency will develop a comprehensive concept for the hotel and implement it with strategic planning.

    • What are the benefits of using an advertising agency?An advertising agency helps to manage the marketing of the hotel. In the medium and long term, the hotelier will get more repeat guests and the awareness of the hotel will increase. With years of experience in professional performance marketing, both organic channels and paid advertising are used. This can also be automated via software (marketing automation in the hotel).

    • Where can I find a web agency hotel industry?When choosing a suitable web agency hotel industry, it is advisable to trust a reputable, experienced agency that specializes in the hotel industry. It is also important that all results of the marketing activities are transparent and measurable (performance marketing).