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Glossary overview

Like Ads

Armin Gögele, last updated on August 09, 2023


Facebook offers advertisers the opportunity to reach potential customers and guests through advertisements. These advertisements, or Facebook Ads, are targeted to users based on the information, interests and habits they have stored in their profiles. In addition to interests and information, there are a number of demographic and geographic filters available to help you target your audience. Like Ads are one of the many ways in which this type of advertising can be delivered.


The goal of Like Ads is to generate new 'likes' for a Facebook Page, thereby increasing its reach. As well as generating more exposure for organic posts, the collected 'Likes' can also be saved as a 'Custom Audience' for the promotion of specific offers, products or services.

Benefits of Facebook Ads in hotel marketing

The most important questions about Facebook Ads in hotel marketing

What is a Like ad on Facebook?

 A 'Like' ad on Facebook is an ad that aims to get users to like a business or organization's Facebook page. These ads help increase the reach and awareness of the page, which in turn serves as the basis for targeted advertising campaigns and interactions with the target audience.

What content is most effective for Like Ads?

Entertaining and engaging content such as images of hotel rooms, restaurants, spas, and events can be particularly powerful in generating 'likes'.

Can Like Ads also be placed on Instagram?

Yes, Like Ads can be run on both Facebook and Instagram. In this way, a broader target group can be reached, and thus more guests can be attracted to the hotel.

How can I measure the success of my Like Ads?

The success of Like Ads can be measured by various metrics such as the number of 'likes' generated, the reach of the ads and engagement rates. Social media analytics tools provide detailed insights into ad performance and help hotels continuously optimize their strategies.