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Create excitement and attract guests: The guide to marketing your hotel before, during and after a renovation

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A hotel renovation is an exciting time that presents both challenges and opportunities. Beyond the tangible changes, renovation offers the opportunity to reposition, enhance and attract new guests to the hotel.

During a renovation, hoteliers are often very busy overseeing the construction. However, marketing must not be neglected, as a cohesive marketing plan is critical. Just as the renovation itself follows a schedule, marketing and communications should be aligned to ensure the hotel's success before, during and after the renovation. In the following article, you will learn more about the specifics of each phase and get real-world examples.

1. Pre-Renovation Hotel Marketing

During the pre-renovation phase, marketing aims to prepare guests for the upcoming changes and generate excitement. Targeted communications convey that something exciting and new is happening at the hotel. By effectively communicating future upgrades and improvements, the hotel builds positive anticipation and encourages guests to plan a post-renovation stay. This can be accomplished through social media postsnewsletters, website announcements and other marketing tools.

Key aspects in marketing before renovation include:

  • Provide insight through social media posts:
    Inform guests of planned enhancements and new features, especially important for loyal guests to engage them in the upcoming changes and pique their curiosity.
  • Personalized newsletters:
    Newsletters and personalized emails are an effective way to inform loyal guests about new highlights and entice them to return with exclusive offers. This optimizes hotel occupancy even before reopening.
  • Website announcements and special offers:
    Use your website to visualize the renovation with renderings and provide sneak peeks. Special reopening offers are also a great way to promote certain periods in advance.
  • Competition or raffle:
    Attract attention and actively engage (potential) guests. This can be promoted through a variety of channels, including social media ads, search engine marketing, email and newsletter marketing.

2. Hotel marketing during renovation

It is important to manage guests well during this phase. Transparent communication about the progress of the renovation, planned improvements or possible temporary restrictions is essential. This can be done through various channels such as newsletters, social media posts, and announcements on the hotel website. Depending on whether the renovation takes place during a closure period or while the hotel is open, onsite guest support plays a key role: it builds trust and shows that the hotel takes its guests' needs seriously. Even during this phase, the goal is to build anticipation and convince both loyal and new guests of the hotel's appeal before reopening, thereby generating bookings.

Strategically promote the new product: Loyal Guests vs. New Guests

Those who have not yet started to promote the new product before the renovation should do so during the renovation phase. Especially during this phase, the use of digital hotel marketing is recommended in order to optimize occupancy even before reopening. A key aspect is the right digital marketing mix, based on the hotel's unique positioning and a clearly defined target audience. The mix will differ between new guests and existing guests or contacts who have stayed or shown interest in the hotel in the past.

Existing contacts can be kept informed of the progress of the renovation and encouraged to return with special offers. While the renovation is underway, marketing should also focus on attracting new guests to the hotel. This is particularly important for quantitative expansions, as a larger number of beds now need to be filled. It is important to reach the desired guests who are a good fit for the new product.

New guests typically do not know the status quo of the hotel before the renovation and should therefore be primarily addressed about the new product with all its advantages and highlights. Lead generation via social networks has proven to be particularly effective in this regard and should ideally be considered prior to the renovation. If this is not the case in practice, it should at least be started during the renovation phase.

Personalized communication with a software solution

In practice, tailoring communication and marketing to different interest groups and addressing them in a personalized manner means a significant increase in effort. This is where the marketing automation software for hotels "ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION" can provide valuable support - it automates guest communication with existing contacts as well as the acquisition of new customers.

For new customer acquisition, targeted pop-ups can be integrated into the hotel's website, and social media ads can be used to collect contact details of potential guests if no enquiry or booking is made. An automated series of welcome emails can then maintain contact and provide information about opening offers. This establishes active communication with potential guests before the actual opening, which can lead to inquiries and bookings, and also provides valuable guest leads for future marketing efforts.

The software solution from ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION not only offers the possibility of reaching new guests, but also communicates regularly and above all personally on the basis of the hotel's existing guest data, thus maintaining the relationship with interested guests beyond the booking process and increasing the proportion of loyal guests.

Key aspects during the renovation phase include

  • Updates through newsletters and email marketing:
    Keep your existing guests informed with photos, videos and updates. Even during the renovation phase, special opening offers or promotions for existing guests can encourage them to book again. Marketing automation software can help with automated emails.
  • Construction diaries and videos:
    Communicate your construction progress with photos and videos on social networks and your website. Virtual site tours via livestream are also an innovative way to engage your social media followers.
  • Special grand opening offers:
    Create special offers for the upcoming opening. These can be marketed both generally as part of a targeted online marketing strategy and specifically to certain guest segments via personalized email communications and segmented newsletters.
  • Targeted guest acquisition through lead generation:
    Attract new, desirable guests as early as possible who are a perfect fit for your new product. Lead generation via social networks and pop-ups has proven to be particularly effective and should ideally be considered prior to the renovation. The right marketing automation software can also help.
  • Promote your USPs through online marketing:
    Take advantage of digital hotel marketing to promote the benefits of your hotel product through hotel ads on social media or search engine marketing such as Google. Targeted online marketing is also ideal for promoting special offers, e.g. for the hotel opening.

3. Post-Renovation Hotel Marketing

Video and photo shoots, as well as updating the hotel's website, are an integral part of the post-renovation process to showcase and communicate benefits and innovations. After the renovation, hoteliers face the challenge of adjusting prices to attract new guests while retaining loyal guests. Post-renovation price adjustments may be unexpected for long-time guests and may raise concerns about a "price increase," even if justified.

A transparent and well-communicated pricing strategy is critical. Hoteliers should emphasize the improvements and value added by the renovation and reassure guests that the price adjustment is a justified investment in the hotel. Openly communicating the reasons for price changes and the benefits to guests can help gain the understanding of loyal guests and promote their loyalty to the hotel.

At the same time, targeted online marketing and attractive opening offers should continue to attract new guests. Targeted online marketing and social media campaigns should be used in the long term to attract potential new guests to the hotel. For existing and loyal guests, segmented newsletters and personalized email series can be used to communicate the hotel's value proposition and, where appropriate, special discounts and promotions to specific guest segments.

Post-renovation marketing requires a balanced approach between attracting new guests and maintaining relationships with loyal guests. With clear communication, customized offers or loyalty programs, and a targeted marketing strategy, it is possible to satisfy both audiences and ensure the long-term success of the hotel after the renovation.

Key points to consider after a hotel renovation include

  • Video and photo shoots:
    Content featuring models is particularly well received because it conveys emotion and intimacy. Pay special attention to selecting the right models - they should match your target audience. Also consider drone footage to showcase your hotel's location and uniqueness.
  • Website Update:
    Use the new photos and video to update your website and replace renderings. This will highlight the benefits of the renovation. Also, update relevant content pages, add information about new highlights, and include frequently asked questions where appropriate.
  • Update promotions and room rates:
    Update rates and room availability on the website and other channels to communicate consistent information externally and give prospects a clear picture of what you have to offer.
  • Communicate pricing transparently to existing guests:
    Communicate openly and transparently the reasons for price changes and the value they provide to guests. When appropriate, reward your loyal guests with special promotions and loyalty programs. Use segmented newsletters and personalized email communications to target specific segments of your guest contacts.
  • Integrate lead generation into your online marketing strategy:
    Lead generation should be viewed as a long-term component of your online marketing strategy. To convert new leads into actual hotel guests, regular and personalized communication is required. Marketing automation is the key.
  • Targeted marketing of the new hotel product and USPs:
    Promoting the hotel opening and new highlights through social media ads and search engine marketing should evolve over time into a long-term marketing strategy that holistically highlights your hotel product.
  • Personalized email marketing and newsletters:
    Leverage your existing guest data and contact information of interested travelers to reach them with personalized email communications and segmented newsletters. This is not only the most direct communication channel, but also requires no additional advertising budget.


Marketing before, during and after renovations plays a critical role in a hotel's success. The challenge for hoteliers is to engage new and existing guests differently. Before and during renovation, a targeted marketing strategy with the right digital marketing mix should be developed to attract guests and generate valuable leads for the future before reopening. After the renovation, it is crucial to present the new hotel product in the best possible way and to introduce adjusted pricing in order to attract new and existing guests and to lead the hotel successfully into the future.

In practice, targeted and structured marketing communications along the different phases of the renovation have proven to be successful, but are associated with considerable effort. The use of marketing automation software can provide an efficient solution by automating marketing and communication tasks and relieving the hotelier in these areas. This allows the hotelier and his staff to focus on the renovation itself, the opening, and providing the best possible on-site guest service.

Customer Success Story: Feuerstein Nature Family Resort

The 5-star Feuerstein Nature Family Resort near the Brenner Pass in South Tyrol, Italy, was originally a 3-star hotel. After an extensive renovation, a new target group had to be addressed and new guests had to be attracted to the luxurious hotel resort. Furthermore, the new guests had to become loyal regulars of the hotel resort.

How this was successfully achieved with ADDITIVE's online marketing system is explained by hotelowner Peter Mader in the video:

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Customer Success Video
Online Marketing System at Feuerstein Nature Family Resort

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