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Glossary overview

Ad group

Armin Gögele, last updated on March 14, 2023


An ad group is an essential element in Google Ads and is used to structure advertising campaigns in hotel marketing. It includes one or more individual ads that are grouped thematically or by the type of offers or products advertised. Ads within an ad group are combined with matching keywords assigned to all ads in that group. In terms of hotel marketing, ad groups can be used effectively to deliver targeted advertising messages to potential guests. 


Structuring ad groups in hotel marketing

An ad group enables targeted structuring of advertising campaigns. It allows hotels to bundle thematically related ads and matching keywords into one group. Within an ad group, different text ads can be created, which are combined with the associated keywords. There are three main categories for assigning keywords to ad groups:

  • Exact match keywords: these keywords trigger ads when users' search queries match the keyword exactly. For example, the ad for the keyword "luxury hotel in Berlin" will only be served if someone enters this exact term in the search engine.
  • Widest match keywords: These keywords allow for a broader reach by taking into account similar search queries. For example, the ad for the broadly matching keyword "luxury hotel Berlin" can also be placed for search queries such as "top hotels in Berlin" or "exclusive accommodations in Berlin".
  • Matching word groups: Keywords as matching word groups include several words that must occur in a specific order. The ad is triggered when the search query contains a word group. For example, the ad for the matching word group "Berlin luxury hotel" is displayed for search queries such as "luxury hotel in Berlin" or "cheap Berlin luxury hotel".

Frequently asked questions about ad groups in hotel marketing:

How can I effectively use ad groups to improve my hotel marketing campaigns?

Effective use of ad groups can improve the performance of a hotel marketing campaign. By bundling thematically related ads and relevant keywords into one group, the relevance of an ad to potential guests is increased. By using exact match, widest match keywords and matching word groups, you achieve precise targeting. In addition, hoteliers can set a maximum cost per click for each ad group to effectively manage their marketing budget.

How can I analyze and optimize the performance of my ad groups?

To analyze and optimize the performance of an ad group, hoteliers should regularly monitor relevant metrics, such as click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per conversion, or, in the best case, even the ROI achieved in online marketing.A/B testing can be used to test different ad variations and improve performance. Keywords with low relevance or high click costs need to be identified in order to optimize an ad group accordingly. Continuous monitoring and adjustment of ad groups leads to more efficient use of the advertising budget and better performance of hotel marketing campaigns.