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Lead Generation for Hotels: Interview with Ortner's Resort, Bavaria | Germany

Customer Success Story 6 Minutes
As a company, ADDITIVE has proven that it is capable of impressing big players like Meta and has shown what modern hotel marketing really looks like. And the fact that we even made it to Silicon Valley together was of course a very special highlight for all of us in our cooperation so far!
The 5-star Ortner's Resort in Bad Füssing, Bavaria, combines modern design and traditional architecture with Bavarian coziness, offering guests authentic moments of well-being for all the senses. The heart of the resort is its own thermal spring, which makes the wellness experience not only a relaxing but also a health-promoting highlight for guests.

In an interview with ADDITIVE, Bettina Ortner-Zwicklbauer, host and owner of Ortner's Resort, and Christian Schauberger, hotel director of the resort, spoke about the challenges in marketing, how the resort is constantly gaining new guests through lead generation in hotel marketing, and about a joint project that, due to its success, was even presented as a showcase example in online marketing in an official "Meta Earnings Call" by Facebook.
Ms. Ortner-Zwicklbauer, we are here today at the Ortners' Resort in Bavaria. Tell us a little bit about the hotelresort.

Bettina Ortner-Zwicklbauer: At our Ortner's Resort in Bad Füssing, our guests can experience wonderful moments with all their senses. We have one of the largest hotel thermal worlds in Bavaria with a total of six thermal pools and an organic swimming pond in the garden. This unique world of well-being invites you to relax.

Christian Schauberger: Our offer is perfect for everyone who longs for relaxation and enjoyment. We offer our guests a unique combination of our own thermal water, sports and culinary delights and have repeatedly been awarded the title of the best hotel spa in Germany.
What are the main challenges you face in the marketing of your hotel resort?

Bettina Ortner-Zwicklbauer: As a hotel resort, it is essential for us to achieve optimal occupancy. We want to increase this in a sustainable way - not only in the high season, but especially also in the low season. But our commitment goes beyond just filling our rooms and beds. We're committed to attracting and winning new guests who are a good fit for us and what we have to offer.
 How are you addressing this challenge? 

Christian Schauberger: We invest a lot in online marketing and focus on lead generation for hotels. Lead generation is actually a perfect marketing tool for the hospitality industry - while other industries have been working with it for a long time and benefiting from it, the potential of lead generation in the hotel industry is still relatively unknown and therefore untapped. ADDITIVE was the first to introduce us to this important topic.

Specifically, lead generation describes the process of collecting contact information from potential guests - people who are interested in our Ortner's Resort - through targeted marketing activities. These are called leads. Our ultimate goal is to provide these interested parties with targeted communications to convert them into actual guests of our hotel.

You mentioned using targeted communications along the customer journey to communicate with your prospective guests. Can you give us some insight into that? What actions do you mean by that?

Bettina Ortner-Zwicklbauer: We know how important it is to communicate with potential guests before, during and after the booking process in order to build long-term guest relationships. This applies to potential guests who are interested in us but have never stayed with us before, as well as to existing guests.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through newsletters and email marketing for our hotel, even if the topic may not sound very current. This measure allows us to address our guests directly and, above all, in a very personal way, and is therefore an important part of our cooperation with ADDITIVE in the area of digital marketing.
Our collaboration in digital hotel marketing even led to getting mentioned in an official Meta Online Conference. Our whole team at ADDITIVE was very happy about this, because it underlines our good cooperation even more. Would you like to tell us more about the story behind all this?

Together with the advertising platform Meta, ADDITIVE carried out a test project for lead generation using our Ortner's Resort as a test subject. This project was then presented to all investors in the so-called "Meta Earnings Call" as an example of successful lead generation via social media marketing on Facebook.

Meta's board of directors, including Mark Zuckerberg, was impressed by the results, and the fact that we made it to an official online conference of Facebook and Co. was of course a big surprise for us! And this success was even more remarkable for all of us because lead generation is a relatively new topic in the hotel industry, and out of all the possibilities and different industries, our project was selected and named as a best practice for lead generation.
What were the specific results of this lead generation project for Ortner's Resort?

Bettina Ortner-Zwicklbauer: During the test period, ADDITIVE collected 2,600 leads for us. That's over 2,000 people who are interested in Ortner's Resort and whose contact details we can use for further communication. We've already received many bookings and inquiries as a result of these marketing efforts.

The biggest benefit, however, is that we can continue to follow up with these potential guests and convert them into future bookings. By generating leads, we benefit from long-term added value in hotel marketing.
Finally, would you like to share some final thoughts on the cooperation with ADDITIVE in the area of digital hotel marketing & marketing automation?

Bettina Ortner-Zwicklbauer: ADDITIVE has proven that they have the skills to impress even big players like Meta. The cooperation has also shown us what modern hotel marketing really looks like today. Working with ADDITIVE is great in itself and we're really happy about this cooperation. But making it to Silicon Valley together was an incredible highlight of our collaboration!

Customer Success Story Video: Successful Lead Generation at Ortner's Resort

Learn more about Ortner's Resort as an example of successful lead generation in the video below:
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Customer Success Video
Successful Lead Generation at Ortner's Resort

We want to increase this in a sustainable way - not only in the high season, but especially also in the low season. But our commitment goes beyond just filling our rooms and beds. We're committed to attracting and winning new guests who are a good fit for us and what we have to offer.

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