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Say Goodbye to manual work: Where Hoteliers can save the most time with Software Solutions

Marketing Automation 6 Minutes
In marketing their own hotel operations, keeping a constant eye on the market is crucial because today hoteliers find themselves in a dynamic environment where they have to process a plethora of information: from occupancy statistics and current forecasts to market demand, guest behavior, and new marketing trends. Especially in online marketing, it's crucial for hotels to be able to react agilely to the market. This includes not only targeted communication with the right guests at the optimal time but also active management of price developments.

Manually coordinating all of this information and tasks is not only time-consuming but practically impossible. This laborious manual work ties up resources that are needed elsewhere in the hotel to provide guests with unforgettable experiences.

This is where modern software solutions come in, which not only significantly reduce manual time and effort but also enable more efficient work processes. Especially in the areas of online marketing and sales, which are often considered "time-consuming" and at the same time offer enormous potential for a hotel's success, digital tools can make the crucial difference.

Where Technology Can Help: The Software 1x1 for Successful Hotel Marketing


Continuous acquisition of new guests is a crucial success factor for hotels. State-of-the-art software solutions facilitate this task through automatic generation of new guest contacts via lead generation. This contact acquisition can take place, for example, through social media or via hotel-owned landing pages or the website.
Once guest contact is successfully generated, the focus is on engaging potential guests and prospects through targeted communicative support across various touchpoints to bind them to one's own hotel. It is crucial that communication occurs at the right time and provides the guest with tangible added value. The goal is to turn potential leads into loyal hotel guests.

For this purpose, hoteliers can use marketing automation software for hotels, such as ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION.


Modern software solutions allow for the automated and personalized marketing of one's own hotel operation as well as guest communication along the entire customer journey of a guest - both for new guest contacts and for existing regular guests of a property. The integration of various data sources such as the hotel PMS or CRM systems enables not only the personalization of various measures but also the optimization of campaign performance and maximum transparency in performance evaluation.
To effectively implement this, it requires not only comprehensive collection of guest contacts but also an intelligent marketing strategy. This should be based on precise data analysis and convey relevant messages accordingly. Through the use of personalized messages, tailored communication, and automated marketing campaigns, hotels can not only attract guests but also build long-term relationships and sustainably increase guest satisfaction.

To automate marketing and guest communication, hoteliers are best off using suitable marketing automation software specifically developed for use in the hotel industry. Here too, ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION can be profitably used in everyday hotel life.


A comprehensive strategy in hotel management includes not only precise pricing but also continuous adaptation to market changes. By using dynamic pricing and revenue management tools, hoteliers can respond in real-time to demand and booking fluctuations.
Through continuous analysis of past guest and booking data, these tools not only enable accurate market forecasts but also the derivation of strategic price adjustments. The automatic adjustment of prices across various distribution channels ensures optimal occupancy without the hotelier having to make excessive administrative efforts. Thus, not only the right price becomes the key to success, but also the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.

A suitable revenue management software supports hoteliers in dynamic pricing in the hotel.


Newsletter marketing is often seen as a "painful" topic for hoteliers due to data protection concerns and the tedious import of recipient lists. The right software solution, ideally in combination with a hotel CRM, provides relief by allowing seamless integration with the hotel PMS.

Detailed segmentations can be made, facilitating targeted communication. In just a few minutes, hoteliers can create professional hotel newsletters that are not only visually appealing but also actually generate bookings.

Hoteliers should also rely on an industry-specific solution for hotels in this area to fully leverage the potential of newsletter marketing. ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER offers interfaces to various hotel PMS systems, thus offering extensive application possibilities for hotels.


Automated guest communication with existing and regular guests along the entire customer journey is crucial to consistently place one's own hotel in the minds of the target audience. Automating this process through digital tools is not only efficient but also allows for very personal communication.

By integrating various data sources, such as the hotel's own PMS, not only is the performance of marketing campaigns optimized, but the conversion rate is also significantly increased. Guest communication can thus be precisely tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the guest, without requiring the hotel to perform complex manual text creation or data entry.

Automating and personalizing guest communication not only increases efficiency but also helps build strong bonds with existing guests and regulars. Through tailored messages, personalized recommendations, and timely messages, the hotel can create unique experiences and sustainably increase guest satisfaction. Effective communication along the entire customer journey is therefore not only an instrument for guest retention but also the key to long-term success and positive guest experiences.

Automated, personalized communication along the customer journey requires marketing automation software with appropriate integration with the respective hotel PMS. ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION currently supports the following PMS systems: ASA Hotel, Casablanca, Protel, Fidelio, Elite, Mews, and Gastrodat - with new integrations being added continuously.


Personal recommendations and word-of-mouth play a central role because around 50% of all booking decisions are influenced by personal conversations and recommendations.
A suitable marketing automation software allows hoteliers to motivate satisfied guests to recommend their own hotel to friends and acquaintances without having to be actively involved. This turns guests into loyal ambassadors for the property and significantly reduces the effort for this important marketing strategy.

Here, too, in practice, marketing automation with an interface to the hotel's own PMS system is required.


Voucher management is another challenge in hotel management that is often associated with high manual effort. However, modern software solutions offer relief by enabling simple and automated management and evaluation of vouchers.
With the appropriate software solution, hoteliers can keep track of their voucher sales, manage created vouchers, and even carry out targeted marketing campaigns for voucher sales.

When choosing a voucher software, hoteliers should pay attention not only to ease of use but also to the supported voucher types (e.g., value voucher or product voucher) and the offered payment methods.

Here, too, an industry-specific solution specifically for hotels is advantageous. ADDITIVE+ VOUCHERS offers interfaces to various hotel PMS systems and thus comprehensive application possibilities for hotels.

Conclusion: Save Time, Gain Transparency, Maximize Success

Modern software solutions specifically developed for use in the hotel industry not only relieve hoteliers of time-consuming tasks in daily hotel operations but also provide a strategic basis for success. They enable data-based decisions that not only optimize occupancy but also significantly increase revenue through effective marketing and pricing strategies.

A large part of the optimization potential mentioned can already be actively utilized by introducing a suitable marketing automation software. ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION not only enables the automation of communication and marketing itself but also communicates with other software products from the ADDITIVE+ APPS product family. These synergies lead to outstanding success for hoteliers in practice while simultaneously reducing manual effort in various areas.

With these digital tools, hoteliers can not only optimize their workflows but also significantly improve the effectiveness of their hotel marketing: They enable cross-cutting result analyses, detailed data evaluations, and thus provide efficiency, decision-making security, transparency, and measurability. Gut decisions are a thing of the past.

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