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Recommended by guests: How Online Reviews Become Booking Factors

Online Marketing 2 Minutes
In recent years, the world of travel has changed significantly due to technological advancements. This is especially evident when travelers are researching and choosing destinations for their next vacation. In the hospitality industry, online reviews have become a key factor in influencing bookings. Platforms such as TripAdvisor, Google Reviews and other review sites have become indispensable sources of information for travelers searching for the perfect hotel.

The Importance of Guest Reviews in Building Trust and Driving Bookings

Travelers increasingly rely on the experiences of others to build trust in a property. Positive reviews shared by fellow guests act as personal recommendations and have a tremendous impact on booking decisions. At the same time, negative reviews can discourage potential guests from booking. Therefore, it is critical for hotels to proactively manage their online reputation.

Reputation Management: The Key to Competitive Success

Reputation management for hotels refers to the monitoring and maintenance of online reviews across multiple platforms. By vigilantly monitoring their reviews and responding appropriately, hotels can strengthen their reputation and earn the trust of potential guests. A positive online image can have a significant impact on a hotel's competitive success and create long-term competitive advantages.

Online Marketing Initiatives for Hotels

To thrive in today's highly competitive market, hotels should not merely passively accept online reviews; instead, they should actively manage them and incorporate them into their marketing strategy. Positive reviews should be strategically promoted through marketing campaigns or featured on the hotel's website.

Simultaneously, negative reviews should not be viewed merely as criticism but as opportunities for improvement. Hotels can address constructive feedback, for instance, through public responses that highlight solutions and enhancements. This demonstrates to potential guests that the hotel values feedback and continually works to enhance guest satisfaction.

Recommendation Marketing: An effective referral strategy

Another way to improve online marketing and guest satisfaction is through referral marketing. In this approach, word-of-mouth (WoM) recommendations play a key role. Hotels can encourage their guests to recommend the hotel by offering incentives such as incentive vouchers for future stays or discounts. Satisfied guests thus become valuable ambassadors who actively promote the hotel within their social circles.

ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION simplifies the process of recommending the hotel via email. After their stay, existing guests receive a shareable link via email for family and friends, enabling them to recommend their favorite hotel.

New potential guests who receive the referral via email are rewarded with an incentive voucher that can be redeemed at the time of booking. This method effectively targets potential guests with similar interests and motivates them to book directly.


The importance of online reviews and recommendations in the hotel industry cannot be underestimated. Hotels should recognize the profound impact of guest opinions and consider reputation management as an essential component of their online marketing strategy.

Through active monitoring, professional responses to feedback, and strategic use of positive reviews, hotels can build the trust of potential guests, increase their booking rates, and successfully position themselves in the competitive landscape. 

In addition, active recommendation management as part of the referral marketing offers hotels another opportunity to turn satisfied guests into loyal ambassadors and thus ensure the long-term success of the hotel.