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Successful Lead Generation in the Hotel Industry: ADDITIVE as an example of success for Meta

ADDITIVE news one minute
The global corporation Meta held its quarterly earnings call to present the results of the fourth quarter of 2022. During the online conference, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, along with other members of the company's executive leadership, updated international investors and financial analysts on the latest business developments and financial results. The event, provided an opportunity for stakeholders to receive a comprehensive overview of the corporation's performance over the past quarter.
ADDITIVE was presented in the last online conference as a showcase and example of success for Meta. The background was a pilot project on the topic of "lead generation", executed by the online marketing agency ADDITIVE during a specified period. The successful partnership with Meta showcases ADDITIVE's innovative competence on a global scale.
Lead generation is about collecting contact information from interested parties and potential customers and then addressing them through targeted measures on relevant channels. In ADDITIVE's case, lead generation was accomplished by placing advertisements on Instagram and Facebook, which are owned by the Meta group. To measure its success, Meta tested lead generation both on Facebook itself, referred to as "on-site", and on landing pages outside the platform, referred to as "off-site".
Javier Olivan, the Chief Operating Officer at Meta, has made a statement regarding the outstanding results of the project:
ADDITIVE used lead ads to collect a higher volume of qualified leads at a lower cost, so basically compared to off-site leads, they managed to achieve a 2x more final bookings with on-site leads, 4x more qualified leads with on-site leads and a 2.7x lower cost per lead.
The mention of ADDITIVE in Meta's online conference highlights the significance of gathering and utilizing guest and contact data for marketing in the hotel industry. Through lead generation, hotels gain valuable insights into their target audience, enabling them to engage in targeted communication and promotions throughout the customer journey of both potential and current guests. This not only enhances revenue through increased inquiries and bookings, but also fosters guest loyalty.
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