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Meta (Facebook & Co) Pulished Success Story with ADDITIVE: Successful Lead Generation In The Hotel Industry

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Lead generation is a crucial marketing factor for the hotel industry. The target group of a hotel can be expanded in a short time by collecting contact data of interested parties and potential guests. In a second step, the contact data is used to guide potential guests through the right channels with targeted marketing and communication measures in order to convert them into guests. On-site lead ads, which are placed directly on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, are an innovative method of generating leads. Potential guests leave their contact information directly on the platform by filling out a contact form.
ADDITIVE has successfully used this method in a joint project with the global company Meta. This success is the subject of Meta's recently published Customer Success Story (Read the Meta Success Story). In addition, ADDITIVE was featured in Meta's recent official online conference as a showcase for successful lead generation. Read more about the mention in our article. The successful cooperation with Meta underlines the innovative power of ADDITIVE on an international level.

The Joint Project

For its client Ortner's Resort in Bad F├╝ssing, Bavaria, ADDITIVE used lead ads on Facebook to collect contact data of potential guests. In the marketing and communication strategy for Ortner's Resort, the use of so-called on-site lead ads was intensified. Without linking to other websites, contact data is collected directly on the respective platform.
This ad format achieved significantly better results than ads that linked to the Ortner's Resort website. Before, during and after the booking process, potential guests were followed up with newsletters and automated email series.

The Results

The campaign results were impressive. Using Facebook Lead Ads resulted in a 274% increase in qualified leads for Ortner's Resort. At the same time, the cost per lead decreased by 62%, while booking inquiries increased by 206% and final bookings increased by 50%.
David Weitlaner, Head of Marketing at ADDITIVE about the joint project:
The results underline our commitment to performance and innovation in hospitality marketing. Our strategy of generating qualified leads and converting them into bookings along the customer journey has already been highly effective in the past but has been further enhanced through Facebook lead ad campaigns. This solution offers our clients the highest return on advertising spend and the lowest cost per purchase. The test confirmed that lead generation is a cutting-edge marketing approach with the potential to take hospitality marketing to a whole new level.


Meta's published customer success story demonstrates the benefits of online marketing lead generation for hotels. Hoteliers have the opportunity to expand their target audience and attract new guests to their hotel. Through lead generation, hoteliers receive valuable additional information about their target group and can actively use this for targeted communication and promotion along the entire customer journey of (potential) guests. This not only increases revenue through more inquiries and reservations, but also strengthens guest loyalty.
Ongoing communication with potential guests leads to higher revenue through reservations, up-selling and cross-selling, as well as increased guest loyalty in the long term. Hoteliers should incorporate lead generation opportunities on Facebook and other platforms into their marketing strategy to increase bookings and achieve long-term success.
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