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InterContinental Wonderland | Shanghai (CN)

Innovative concept one minute

The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland in Songjiang is considered one of the most spectacular hotel developments to have emerged in recent years. 

Erected in a 90-m deep disused quarry, a significant part of the five-star hotel is located below ground level, with the two lowest floors submerged beneath the surface of a manmade lake. These two lowest floors house underwater suites as well as a restaurant with windows looking out into the aquarium. The other 336 rooms and suites have scenic views of a waterfall cascading down a rock cliff. In addition to its fitness area and swimming pools, the luxury hotel caters to extreme sports such as bungee-jumping and rock climbing – within the boundaries of the complex covering 61,000 m2. 
At odds with the ubiquitous skyscraper architecture found in the Far East, with this project the British hotel chain sought to demonstrate that underground spaces can be utilised. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland also exemplifies environmental awareness, with solar panels and geothermal power catering to its day-to-day energy requirements. Lasting 10-years, the total construction cost of the hotel complex amounted to approximately € 500 million. According to Xu Shitan, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong-based developers, Shimao Group, "The quarry could have been left disused, but we decided to do something with it."

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