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Bunk Hotel | Amsterdam

Innovative concept one minute

Bunk Hotel, Amsterdam: Celebrating the past in the present

Situated in the vibrant Amsterdam Noord district, the Bunk Hotel is an exemplary symbol of how transformation and creativity can lead to an unusual and special hotel concept. What once was a place of faith and devotion now welcomes guests from all over the world.

From sacred building to hotel: a remarkable metamorphosis

St. Rita, a church built in 1921, is now known in Amsterdam as the site of the Bunk Hotel. The transformation from a church to a hotel is remarkable in itself, but the Bunk has managed this metamorphosis with the utmost care and creativity. The hotel has 106 rooms and 50 private bedrooms that have been carefully integrated into the existing structure. The original stained glass windows and organ pipes have been preserved, creating an interesting contrast with the hotel's contemporary interior. This respectful tribute to the past blends seamlessly with the hotel's modern décor and atmosphere.

A venue for art and culture

Today, the Bunk Hotel is not only a place to stay, but also a vibrant cultural platform for a wide variety of people. Even in the hotel's own restaurant, with its large communal tables, designers, artists and musicians meet regularly to exchange ideas, network and be creative together. This special atmosphere is further enhanced by free monthly music and art events, which have a positive impact on the hotel's brand marketing. This constant flow of creativity and interaction gives the hotel its special energy and appeal.

Revitalizing a historic urban landmark

The story of the Bunk Hotel is a lesson in how creativity and innovation can be used to revitalize historic buildings. What was once a sacred space is now an oasis of hospitality, design and art. This place exudes a special energy that attracts and inspires guests from around the world. It is a living example of how past and present can coexist to create a unique and memorable experience for guests, locals and visitors.