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How Newsletter Marketing Can Save Hoteliers Money Over Time

Newsletter Marketing 2 Minutes
Newsletters can be worth a lot of money to hoteliers and hotel marketers. This is mainly due to the fact that they contribute to a high level of customer loyalty. Skillful segmentation creates the ideal touchpoints, which in turn maximizes the hotel's targeted, predictable occupancy. This article outlines the benefits of successful newsletter marketing for hoteliers.

What does newsletter marketing has to do with customer loyalty and communication?

Guests must choose to receive newsletters. This means that they are already interested in the property they are subscribing to. The probability that such a person will actually read the newsletter is high. This means that advertising messages can be actively placed. Newsletters have proven to be one of the most important ways to communicate promotions. In this way, two profitable aspects can be achieved:
1. Early bookings are generated: Special promotions can be communicated regular guests are more likely to book because the hotel has been actively reminded by the newsletter.
2. Remaining rooms can be marketed: If the hotel is not fully booked at a
is not fully booked at a certain time, the remaining capacity can be sold at the last minute.

How newsletter marketing can save you money over the time?

As a hotelier, profit is of course an essential metric. The active use of newsletter marketing in the marketing mix can ensure that money is saved at various points in the long term:
  • Targeting reduces marketing costs: With marketing automation software such as ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION, newsletters can be sent in a highly targeted manner. As a result, different offers are only sent to guests who have already shown interest in the hotel. This reduces waste, as the message only reaches potential guests.
  • Customer loyalty saves on distribution costs: The hotel newsletter generates excellent customer loyalty. When it is targeted to the right recipients based on data, it reminds them of the hotel at exactly the right time. As a result, the sales department does not have to constantly spend time and money generating new guests. Instead, existing guests are retained. They already know the hotel and its many benefits.
  • Personalized offers increase repeat bookings: Few things are more desirable to a hotelier than predictable occupancy. This comes mainly from regular guests. Sophisticated newsletter marketing sends personalized offers to existing guests. In this way, one-time guests become repeat visitors and, in the best case, even regular guests. From these people, the system already has various data, such as booking behavior and which offers were used in the past. From this data, the software can create perfect offers and send them at the ideal time. The likelihood that a guest who has been contacted in this way will book again is very high.
Newsletter marketing is an excellent way for hoteliers to save money effectively, long-term and sustainably. And when it is data-driven, the marketing effort is minimal because the right guests are targeted with the right messages at the right time.
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