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Hallstatt Hideaway Mountain - Lesehotel | | Bad Goisern/Austria

Innovative concept one minute

Literary hotel concept in breathtaking silence 

Silke Seemann, the founder of the Lesehotel in Bad Goisern, can look back on an admirable and versatile career. With the opening of the Lesehotel, she brings peace and relaxation into a new light, far away from the classical wellness offers. More than 12,000 books invite guests to browse in the rooms and suites and convey a clear positioning for the target group. The concept arouses curiosity because the 20 rooms with a total of 42 beds were created in collaboration with 20 publishers who lend their bestsellers to the hotel. 

Developing the employer brand of the reading hotel

The hotelier manages the 20 rooms with only six employees. In a way that could serve as a model for many companies and hoteliers, she has revolutionized his relationship with her staff to one of self-determination and equality. Based on artificial intelligence, activities and tasks in the hotel are suggested to the employees, and unpopular tasks such as cleaning are paid better. In this way, employees take turns and can work almost autonomously thanks to the task distribution tool. 

Familiar togetherness based on trust 

Countless cookbooks are also available in the dining room. Hotel guests can choose a recipe, which the chef then prepares for all guests. Breakfast is available throughout the day. There is also self-service for meals, which are fully digitally recorded and entered by the guest. Silke Seemann wants to run the hotel on a basis of trust, allowing guests and staff to work and live together both autonomously and as a community.

Guiding principles for relaxation and self-reflection on vacation

Silke Seemann is a scientist, and her unique hotel concept is based on research that shows that the human brain is best able to relax through "deep reading" of complex content. The hotel serves as a place for self-reflection, where guests can take time to read and reflect in the beautiful surroundings of the Salzkammergut. Far away from the stress of everyday life, the Lesehotel in Bad Goisern is the first of its kind to offer the ideal place for reading enthusiasts and those who want to relax.