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Streamlining Guest Communication: The Benefits of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation 3 Minutes
In the hospitality industry, effective marketing is essential as services and amenities offered by hotels are becoming more comparable. With the rise of the internet, prospective guests are increasingly relying on online research and reviews to make informed booking decisions. As a result, hoteliers have to prioritize their online presence and marketing strategies to remain competitive.

What does hotel marketing entail?

Beyond paid advertising, hotel marketing also includes content marketing, which involves maintaining blogs and social media profiles. The challenge is to allocate sufficient attention to all channels and profiles, and to deliver appropriate content at the right time. To accomplish this, it is necessary to analyze data to determine which channels and content appeal to different target groups, and when they are most likely to book. However, managing these tasks in day-to-day operations can be time-consuming and difficult for hoteliers and marketing staff to achieve desired results. As a solution, automated hotel marketing activities will become increasingly crucial in the future. The software is initially integrated in the existing systems. Once implemented, the software will automatically collect and link data.
Automated campaign preparation and completion across various channels ensure that guests and potential customers receive optimal attention at all times, with campaigns being launched at the ideal moment for maximum impact.

The Advantages of Automated Hotel Marketing:

Why Successful Hoteliers Embrace Automation. The benefits of automation in hotel marketing are clear, which is why many successful hoteliers are already leveraging this technology:

1. Automation as a Foundation for Competitiveness

In order to maintain competitiveness in the hotel industry, it is essential to maximize the number of regular guests. Regular guests typically book earlier and their bookings tend to have a higher value. They are familiar with the hotel's amenities and may have tried additional offerings, thus enhancing their experience. By communicating promotions and special holidays in a timely manner, hotels can build anticipation and add value to the guest experience. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of high occupancy rates and reduces the need to sell remaining rooms at short notice. Regular guests are more likely to return when they are continuously contacted with attractive, customized offers. Effective hotel marketing requires thorough evaluation of guest data, as different target groups interact with the internet in their own unique ways. Some respond better to tailored email campaigns, while others prefer video content or frequent social media platforms. When these processes are automated, the hotel's competitiveness increases by leveraging data-driven software.

2. Using guest data profitably through automation

The more data available about a guest, the more targeted hotel marketing can be. However, essential data not only includes pure booking facts or demographic data, but also the guest's behavior before and during the booking, the time of booking, their contact during the stay, and which additional offers they were interested in and ultimately took up. It is also important to consider any additional requests made by guests that could be incorporated into the marketing strategy. Successful hotel marketing automation takes all these aspects into account and evaluates the data to create profitable campaigns. Such campaigns are significantly more successful than manually executed measures because no hotelier or marketing employee can evaluate data with such precision.

3. Streamlined communication with guests

By automating communication with guests, hotel staff can concentrate on responding to those requests that require personal attention, while the rest runs in the background. This optimizes the entire communication process and enables high-quality personal responses to be given where needed. Automated hotel marketing also reduces dependence on online travel agencies (OTAs) by targeting potential guests when conversion rates are high. This is a key goal of hotel marketing, and automation helps achieve it.

A hotel marketing automation software, such as ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION, can efficiently and expertly manage all of these tasks. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.