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Stop wasting money. How much do hotels really need to spend on online marketing?

Online Marketing one minute

Kostenloses PDF mit praxisnahen Beispielen zur Budgetberechnung für Hotels

How much marketing budget do hotels need? This question is often asked by hotel owners. When it comes to online marketing, budget decisions tend to be made more from the gut than from the head.

In the free white paper "Stop wasting money. How much do hotels really need to spend on online marketing?", hoteliers will find several ways to calculate the budget to use, along with practical examples from real hotel companies. This guide provides the security and data-driven decision-making needed to determine the optimal marketing budget for your business.

Hotels with a small to medium marketing budget - like almost all family-run businesses in the Alpine region - should invest a large part of their budget online. It is more effective, can be adjusted flexibly at any time, and the results are clearly measurable.
The free PDF with clear step-by-step instructions for budget determination as well as all calculation examples from the hotel industry can be found in the following link: