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Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Marketing in Hotel Bookings

Online Marketing 2 Minutes
Online marketing can help hotels expand their reach and boost sales. However, one common issue with marketing efforts is the lack of trackability and transparency, as it's often difficult to attribute reservations. Analyzing marketing results is essential for planning and measuring effectiveness. Without this, hotels won't have a clear understanding of where reservations come from or which campaigns lead to specific sales figures.
Improved online marketing for hotels through data analysis 
To maximize the effectiveness of online marketing for hotels, it is essential to analyze the collected data and use it to optimize campaigns. Only clear and measurable data will bring the hotel to its desired goal. Before setting a goal, it's important to define it clearly. Without this, hoteliers may see an increase in bookings but not know if it's due to their marketing efforts. Rather than just focusing on increasing occupancy, it's better to aim for specific times of the year or new target groups. 
Data-driven online marketing allows hotels to track their progress towards their goals and measure success using metrics and KPIs. Comprehensive measurement across sales figures, campaigns, ads, and platforms provides hoteliers with the insights they need to achieve their marketing goals. 

Tracking the customer journey in hotel online marketing

The customer journey refers to all of the interactions that a potential guest has with a hotel. These interactions can include initial contact, such as seeing an advertisement on social media or subscribing to a hotel newsletter, and can ultimately lead to a booking. It is best if a hotelier is able to track the entire customer journey and all touchpoints of an existing booking in order to obtain a conversion attribution. This shows which advertising medium and which platform generated the booking and what reservation revenue was generated from it. This allows the hotelier to see which marketing methods on various platforms have what share in the respective reservations or turnover in the context of the hotel's overall advertising measures.

Hotel Marketing Automation software like ADDITIVE+ MARKETING AUTOMATION can help hotels make the customer journey visible by tracking all of the touchpoints that a potential guest has with the hotel. This data is then measurable and can be used to optimize the hotel's marketing efforts by making the origin of reservation sales traceable. By understanding the customer journey, hotels can better understand which marketing methods and platforms are most effective at generating reservations and revenue.