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Glossary overview

Online communications for hotels

Armin Gögele, last updated on 12.01.2022


Any communication that takes place via digital channels is called online communication.


What is online communication for hotels?

When it comes to hotel communication with (potential) guests, many communication channels are served with the help of online marketing. Hotels reach (potential) guests through tools such as 

  • the hotel's own website 
  • Social media channels (hotel social media marketing)
  • emails (hotel newsletter marketing) 
  • Search engine advertising (Search Engine Marketing - SEM) 
  • Optimisation of the hotel's online presence in search engines (Hotel Search Engine Optimisation - SEO)
  • Reputation Management. 

Online communication: Push vs. pull

A distinction is made between the push and the pull approach. In the former, the hotel actively places messages, while in the latter, the user is interested in the hotel and consumes content out of his or her own interest.

Key questions about online communications for hotels:

How can I improve my online communications?

Online communication is constantly changing. This requires a constant analysis of the different channels, the interests of (potential) guests and the corresponding adjustments and optimisations. 

What are the objectives of online hotel communication?

Digital hotel communication has the following main objectives: Increasing brand and hotel awareness, concrete sales support (higher occupancy, more turnover), attracting new customers, strengthening the bond with existing guests and employer branding.