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The Student Hotel | Europe

Innovative concept one minute

The target market of the Student Hotel can be described as “inquisitive, open, free and adventurous”. Founded by Scottish entrepreneur, Charlie MacGregor, the hotel chain is patently oriented towards students – and not only.

Besides offering classic hotel accommodation, guests can also spend a whole semester at The Student Hotel. Even bicycles are provided during this period. At each of the eleven locations in Europe (to date), facilities include a restaurant and bar, as well as co-working areas, conference rooms and events venues. Fitness studios, outdoor cinemas and similar facilities are also provided. The idea is to narrow the boundaries between work and leisure, uniting them into a unified concept both physically and digitally. This, it is hoped, would lead to the establishment of a fully-networked, international community. With its award-winning design, state-of-the-art facilities and creative atmosphere, The Student Hotel has laid the foundations for this vital concept. 
Environmental awareness and sustainability are firmly anchored to its corporate values. At the TSH-Club (the co-working network), competitions and events are regularly held to promote new ideas and initiatives. 
The Student Hotel is aimed at students as well as business travellers. In short, all those sharing the vision of living, working and growing in a community. By 2021, 41 new hotels are due to open in other European cities.
MD Charlie Mac Gregor summarized his unique concept as follows: "With the barriers between work and play progressively breaking down, the next logical step for our hybrid model are the creation of facilities that combine accommodation with work and leisure".
Further information and hotel locations are found on the hotel’s website.