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The Audo | Copenhagen (DK)

Innovative concept one minute
Derived from the Latin phrase: "Ab Uno Disce Omnes" ("learning everything from one"), “The Audo”, lends its name to this holistic and innovative concept hotel from Copenhagen.
With his latest project, former CEO and founder of the MENU design label, Bjarne Hansen, aims to create a place of inspiration and creative collaboration.
Art, design and architecture are the core concepts behind this new hotel that opened in 2019, winning AHEAD's “New Concept of The Year Award” (a global award for the selection of innovative projects in the fields of hospitality, experience and design). The rooms and suites are characterised by clear lines and soft tones, with simple high-quality furnishings and selected works of art. The shape of the windows and façade of the building with its old wooden beams are the only visible signs of what used to be an old trading house in Copenhagen's northern harbour. Wherever you look, there are quality furnishings and artistic references. Breakfasts, light meals and tapas are served at the restaurant and café. But the emphasis isn’t so much on consumption as the creation of an amenable ambience to facilitate an exchange between patrons. This ambience, where people can work and relax, includes a library and a courtyard on two levels, which is used for meetings and events.
The Concept Store lies at the heart of The Audo, embodying its special features. The tasteful furnishings in the rooms can be purchased at the store, allowing patrons to take home a piece of The Audo with them. Items include organic bedding, bathrobes and accessories, as well as crockery and selected pieces of furniture. Works of art by renowned Scandinavian artists, displayed in the hotel, are also for sale. An appreciation for aesthetics, good taste and artistic ingenuity are constant themes at The Audo; its simple elegance translating into an extraordinary visual language.
As Founder and CEO, Bjarne Hansen describes his vision in this way: “Conceptually, The Audo is a unique place where elements of our built environment can be experienced holistically, and where creations made by world’s premium design brands engage in dialogue".
Further information is available on the hotel's website.